PUKY features more! Experience, knowledge, innovations

Quality. PUKY traditionally stands for competence and commitment in child orientated vehicle production and for a unique and innovative quality standard in production and construction for more than 60 years: guaranteed!

Safety. PUKY is outrider with respect to safety. Each vehicle offers high value safety features tested by independant authorities.

Innovations. PUKY is well known for innovations and sets new standards in the market.

Children’s mobility. For more than 60 years PUKY concentrates on design and development of child orientated children’s vehicles and thus makes a contribution to safe children’s mobility.

Design. PUKY vehicles are designed for children and are therefore child orientated up to the smallest detail.

Specialized trade. PUKY relies on the specialized trade for reselling PUKY products.

Value for money. PUKY products are not cheap but offer value for money.

Long serviceable life. Most PUKY vehicles grow due to variable components and offer a long serviceable life.

Resale value. PUKY vehicles hold their value due to high quality and long lasting availibility of spare parts. They are very popular as used vehicles, too.

Brand appeal. PUKY is a brand that is on the market since generations as children and adults alike feel well-understood.


Learner bikes

With the PUKY learner bike it has been possible to create an exciting alternative to the classical scooter. In a very new way you can set your child in motion from an age of two and a half as well as preparing your child to ride his or her first bike at the same time. Advantage: The PUKY learner bike trains the sense of equilibrium and gives children a safe feeling because their feet are in contact with the ground in every movement. The learner bike will grow with your child due to its flexible components.


Play bicycles

Children are often capable of more than one would expect – if they are only given the opportunity. This is why PUKY® play bikes are designed so safely and thoughtfully that everything works almost by itself and also provides lots of fun. The low step through frame, which makes it easy to get on and off the bike, is not only important in the learning phase. The child-friendly frame geometry guarantees a safe, comfortable and healthy seating position and the PUKY safety set, which is provided as standard, protects against possible injuries. The robust powder coating, as well as high-quality components, guarantee a long service life.

  • Increased safety through child-friendly vehicle geometries / equipment
  • Child-friendly design
  • Long-term spare parts service


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